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My Personal Favourites from The Body Shop

I work for The Body Shop so have a lot of experience will all the products. I wanted to write a little (Little? Yeah right) blog post going into some detail about some of MY personal favourites. I think this would be very useful if you aren't familiar with The Body Shop, as it can be quite overwhelming to walk in there and not know what you're looking for. Also, I find that it's always the same products that are talked about such as the body butters or the hand cream and even though they are great products there so much more hidden gems in there that need a mention! As I work for Body Shop I need to point out that all opinions are my own and not those of The Body Shop. These products where purchased by me with my own money or some were given to me for staff sampling, these will be marked with a *. 
 Okay, let's get started!

My first favourite would have to be the Vitamin C Skin Reviver

This product is found in the Skincare section however I use it more as a makeup product as a primer. This is lovely! It makes your foundation glide on effortlessly and blend so much easier. It also helps to give a glowy luminous finish to the skin. I have normal/oily skin and this doesn't make me look so shiny or greasy throughout the day, just glowy and healthy. It would be AMAZING for dry skin as it would glide over dry patches and lift a dull complexion. I would maybe advise SUPER oily skins to avoid this one as it could make you look slightly too shiny if that isn't the look you're going for, however Body Shop do a primer specifically designed for oily skin so don't worry, you won't miss out! :)

My next favourite is the Rainforest Volume Shampoo.

The main reason I love this? It's a shampoo that doesn't contain any crap. Specifically sulfates! I have oily hair so using shampoo with sulphates every day does me no favours as it just strips all the oil away which makes my hair produce MORE oil, which trust me, it does not need. So this is perfect for me to use every day! It gets my hair perfectly clean without stripping it. It also doesn't contain silicones or parabens and has lots of lovely community fair trade ingredients in it, such as aloe vera, which is always great. I find since using this my hair is far less oily and I could, if I was brave enough, even go a day between washes. Woohoo! I alternate between the volume and the balancing (specifically for oily hair) and they work just fine.

Next has to be the Baked to Last bronzer in 02* and the Honey Bronzer in 02*. 

These are amazing! The honey bronzer has a completely matte finish which makes it perfect for contouring. Its really light and natural and really warms up your complexion without looking orange or unnatural.
The baked to last is also fantastic. This one is shimmery and can double as a bronzing/highlighting product as it has much lighter shimmery tones running through it as well. It also has a small amount of pink through it which is very subtle but pretty on the cheeks. I have been told it is very comparable to MACs Soft and Gentle (I do not own this so I can't comment myself). And it's cruelty free and a quarter of the price, win win!

The Silky Camomile Cleansing Oil* is one to go for if you're looking for affordable skin care that WORKS (Lets face it, who isn't?). 

At £10 for 200ml its a complete bargain and will last you for months. It's suitable for ALL skin types (Yes, that includes oily skin. Trust me.) and most importantly, has no junk in it. It's super nourishing and gentle on the skin yet manages to remove all traces of makeup completely. Leaves the skin plump and hydrated. A total winner in my books. 
Next up is the Hand Cleansing Gels!

You're probably thinking "What? What can be so special about hand gel?" But oh my. If you're a bit of a germ freak and use public transport a lot, like myself, a good hand sanitiser is a must. I currently have Satsuma and strawberry and they smell amazing. Its nice to be able to use a hand sanitizer that gets your hands clean and doesn't leave you smelling like you've just had a large alcoholic drink.  Not only do they kill germs and clean effectively they also contain ingredients such as glycerin so they keep your hands from getting dried out which is usually the down side to using hand gels. Whenever I use these I always have someone around me comment about how nice they smell, they're that good!
Next up is the Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist.

This product is designed to help more restful sleep. It's great if you're having trouble getting to sleep or find that you wake up a lot throughout the night. It contains jujube date and camomile extract as well as blended essential oils, the relaxing scent of these continue to release throughout the night as you move which helps you to stay relaxed. I spray this over my bed every night and I find the smell so relaxing and comforting! 

There's so many more products I'd love to mention in this post but it would literally go on forever! I really enjoyed writing this post and hope it was helpful. Are there any products you really love from The Body Shop that think deserve to be mentioned more?

Thanks for reading! 

Zoe x

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by me, with my own money. Products that were given to me for staff sampling have been marked with a *. All opinions are 100% my own and not those of The Body Shop.  

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