Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easy Daisy Nail Design

I love all the daisy prints that are in for Spring right now, so thought I would recreate the look in a nail design! 

This is super easy and only takes a few moments to create.

All you will need is:
- A tooth pick or a nail "dotting" tool (I got mine from eBay for £2 and it came with 5 different sizes) 
- A base nail colour of your choice 
- A nail colour for the daisy petals and a colour for the center of the daisy
- A piece of paper/tissue
- Cotton wool pads (for cleaning your tool)

Nail colours used:
Black: Revlon- Lunar
White: Barry M- Matte White
Orange: Nails Inc by Fabulous magazine- Atomic 

Okay, so..

Step 1- This would be to carry out your normal manicure routine. File, shape, cuticle work etc etc.. 

Step 2- Apply two even coats of your chosen base colour and allow to dry THOROUGHLY.  This is important as you don't want the nail polish to be wet or tacky when you are trying to create the design. 

Step 3- Apply a small amount of nail polish onto your piece of paper. This is easier to work from than having to dip into the nail polish bottle. 
Using your tooth pick/dotting tool, you're going to dot 5 dots in a circle on your nail, like so...

(I have used black, this is just so it showed up more clearly in the photos! It also looked really effective as the end result.)

And then connect in the middle so it should look roughly like the outline of a flower. It doesn't have to be perfect! 

Step 4- wait for the "flower" to dry 

Step 5- Clean off the polish from your tool. Dip it into the chosen colour to add to centre to the flower. 

Step 6- Wait for all polish to dry thoroughly and add a top coat. 

And you're done!

Super easy and the result is so cute and pretty! Try it in different colours, like I have here... 

I hope you liked this little design and try it out for yourself. I also hope it was easy to understand and I didn't word it really awfully or anything! Haha. 

Thanks for reading!

Zoe x 

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