Saturday, 14 July 2018

June 2018 Beauty Favourites | Zoe Major

June 2018 Beauty Favourites

Anastasia Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette // £43
This has got to be one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes ever. I was unsure whether to pick it up or not but decided to treat myself with I was in Sephora in Paris. My only advice is- Get it. Get it now! I have worn it on the last couple nights out I have been on and loved it. It is great for creating a smoky look, as it has a great selection of matte, smoky colours. I also love the more shimmery shades too, which are really metallic and bold on the eyes.

Evian Face Spray // £3.50 
Since it has been so hot in Scotland recently, this Evian face spray has been a life saver. I am well aware there aren't many benefits of this spray, other than simply cooling you down but honestly, that is all I want it for! It is amazing for taking away to the beach, holiday etc as it instantly cools ans refreshes. I love a face spray but this one is by far the best for instantly cooling the skin.

The Body Shop Banana Shower Cream // £5
The banana bodycare range is the newest edition to The Body Shop and I love it. It has a super sweet, fruity scent that really lingers on the skin. I love the shower gel in particular as it has the same cream texture that I love from some of the other shower gels from The Body Shop. If you like sweet scents, you need to check this out!

The Ordinary Multi-peptide Hair Growth Serum // £15 
I have been using this hair serum for around 3 weeks now and I do think I have seen a difference in the condition of my hair. It has grown a fair amount and overall feels and looks thicker. I also find that it has been far stronger, meaning split ends are now less common for me. When you apply it to the hair, it doesn't feel heavy or greasy and depending on how much you apply, usually sinks in and leaves no trace on the hair. I always apply it at night before bed so I get the benefit of sleeping in it.

Benefit POREfessional // £26
An oldie but a goodie! I have loved using Benefit POREfessional just on areas I feel like large pores are an issue. It instantly blurs the skin, making pores disappear and leaving a smooth, prepped base. I only apply it where I need it as I do not find it a great primer for all over (I find my foundation can stick to it) but applied purely to blur pores works a treat.

La Roche Posay Lipikar Anti-irritation Stick // £13
I have recently come out in the odd patch of eczema (Great.) the worst of it being on the crease of my left arm. When it flares up, it get so itchy and uncomfortable. I have recently started using the La Roche Posay Lipikar stick and it has worked a dream! It is designed to sooth the itching and cover the skin in a protective layer- it really works! Within a few minutes of applying it, the itching stops. I also find it has  helped reduce the appearance of the eczema as well, as even when it isn't irritated, it still looks red and blotchy. Since applying the lipikar stick, it has reduced the redness a lot. I really recommend this if you suffer from mild eczema!

What are your June favourites? Let me know in the comments!

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Body Shop Body Yogurts REVIEW

The Body Shop have launched their new Body Yogurts for Summer. A new lightweight but nourishing body moisturiser in 5 different scents.

I will start by saying the texture of these are by far their biggest selling point. If you are super lazy when it comes to body care (like I am- give me an hour to potter away with skincare on my face and I'll be happy, but bodycare? Nah.) you will love these. They claim to absorb in 15 seconds.. And I would say they're pretty bang on with that.You can apply the body yogurt to your legs, move on to your arms and by the time you've done that, the product has absorbed on your legs and you can whack your clothes straight on.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Ordinary's Best Prodcucts | Zoe Major Beauty Blog

Like most of us, I am also under the love spell of Deciem, And for good reason. The brand provides amazing, high quality products for the most reasonable prices. Everything product I mention in this post is under £10. In fact, you could buy all 3 for under £20. Be warned they're all some kind of acid.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisturiser REVIEW

Having oily/combination skin means finding a lightweight, easily absorbed moisturiser is key. If it doesn't disappear in seconds, it ain't for me! So, I was very intrigued when The Body Shop released their new Vitamin E Gel moisturiser. It promises to give 48 hours of hydration, whilst being non-greasy and fast absorbing. The label says it is for "normal/combination" skin types, however, if you are full on oily, I'd still recommend this.